Group Overview

In the broad sense everyone wants their capital to work as hard as possible for them. Business owners that deploy their capital efficiently maximize their returns as well as generating excellent risk adjusted returns for lenders.

For Humboldt, understanding how to work capital through a system that benefits all stakeholders, according to their contribution and the risks they assume, is our core discipline. Once this is achieved – from the perspective of all parties – creative solutions can be developed to maximize sustainable growth and ensure flawless execution so that all commitments can be met.

It is this core discipline that motivates Humboldt to focus on providing unique structured solutions and products for our Latin American Corporate clients, and in turn distribute these products to our roster of Institutional and High Net Worth Investors.

The solutions offered by Humboldt are specifically designed to mitigate the capital risk profile of our clients by properly managing said risk and maximizing their returns.

In order to efficiently deliver a distinctive set of solutions to our clients, Humboldt has assembled a team with an interdisciplinary background, which is different than that of most asset managers, enabling them to bring a comprehensive set of skills that add greater value to the role of the Asset Manager. In addition to extensive asset management experience, many of Humboldt’s top managers come from the Project Finance and Risk Management sectors that accentuate risk mitigation through strong measures of credit protection and cash flow analysis. It is Humboldt’s emphasis on risk mitigation and meticulous credit underwriting system that distinguishes them from other asset managers.

During his five year expedition to the Americas at the end of the XVIII century, Alexander Von Humboldt studied not only the natural sciences but the customs, politics, languages, and economies. As José de la Luz y Caballero put it, “Columbus gave Europe a New World; Humboldt made it known in its physical, material, intellectual, and moral aspects.” His writings would spark the dreams of future generations of scientists. It is our commitment that the Humboldt team will follow his example in steering our clients to find innovative solutions. The Humboldt group of companies includes an Investment Advisor, Broker Dealer, Trust Companies, and Business Consultants operating in several jurisdictions for some time. The group has a commonality of ownership that has joined efforts under the Humboldt banner to offer structuring, securitization, and capital raising holistic solutions to their many institutional and high net worth clients.